IForrest Sleeping Padd

IForrest Sleeping Pad

IForrest Sleeping Pad

The IForrest Sleeping pad is an amazing, self-inflating sleeping pad that is perfect for backpacking and camping. This sleeping pad is lightweight, making it easy to travel with. Though it is large enough to sleep comfortably on. This sleeping pad is designed for camping, since it is a large mattress, yet compact and light to carry around.

These sleeping pads always remain in the best condition, looking and feeling brand new. IForrest makes these camping mats extremely durable, making them useful for adults and children. They support from both sides of the mattress, ensuring full comfort in the mattress. There are many ways to use these pads. You can lay them right on the ground, or they work perfectly in a hammock or on a cot as a sleeping bag. They are suitable for hammocks and cots because of the built-in armrests on the sides.

The main section of the sleeping pad is self-inflating. You don’t need to blow it up on your own, and you don’t need to use a pump. The arm rests on the sides of the sleeping pad are not self-inflating, yet these sections are not as big as the main part.

Reviews and FAQsIForrest Sleeping Pad

Real customers of the IForrest Sleeping pad are impressed and satisfied with their purchase. This sleeping pad helps save time and energy, as it is self-inflating and easy to use. There is no need to know how to use a pump or where to plug the pump in. All you need to do is lay the mattress down and open the valves. The pad does the rest on its own!

Buyers have used the pad while camping, they’ve used it on the beach, and they have used it in the rain. The mattress is reliable and works for most situations.


The sleeping pad is easy to inflate, as it does it on its own. All you have to do is unroll the mattress and open the valves. The body of the sleeping pad inflates then on its own. The arm rests on the side of the mattress do not self-inflate. They need to be blown up, which is extremely easy to do because of the size. It takes minutes to inflate the entire pad.


The length of the sleeping pad works for anyone, even if you are over six feet tall. The length of the pad is just under six and a half feet! The width on the pad is close to two and a half feet. Users are able to sleep flat on their backs or stomachs, or on their side. Users have said that the thickness of the pad is comfortable and when they sleep on it, they can’t feel the ground.


This IForrest product is easy to clean up and deflate. All you have to do is open all of the valves and roll the mattress up. The air will easily all come out and the mattress will roll up and be compact and easy to carry around again. Just like the inflating process, the clean-up process is very quick and easy!


Price and Warranty

This product is $39.97 with free shipping. The sleeping pad has a 100% guaranteed warranty. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, a replacement will be sent within two days after contacting the company.