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Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Sleepingo camping sleeping pad has created this camping sleeping pad to be an extremely comfortable mattress to take on trips! It is easy to use and doesn’t even feel like an air mattress. No matter what terrain you are going to be sleeping on, this mattress will work.

This sleeping pad is 2.2 inches thick, allowing you to get the best night’s sleep possible while you are outdoors. You can bring this mattress anywhere you go because it is water and rip resistant. This mattress does not make any noise, because it is made of Nylon and treated with abrasion resistant TPU, so twigs and rocks can’t do any damage. They won’t puncture your sleeping pad, so you can continue to use it for as long as you are camping! It remains inflated while you sleep through the night, so you won’t wake up flat on the ground.


The Sleepingo camping sleep pad is very lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space. It won’t weigh you down when you are carrying it to your camp sight. The pad fits perfectly in your backpack so you can take it camping, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, or kayaking. The pad is eight feet long, able to fit anyone or any height!

If you are on a camping trip, you need to be able to get a good night’s sleep every single
Sleepingo camping sleeping pad
night. Sleepingo’s insulated camping pads have interconnected air cells. This allows the mattress to adjust depending on how you rest. You are sure to stay warm at night, no matter what the air temperature.

This Sleepingo camping sleeping pad is designed for people who sleep on their side, back, or stomach. The thickness of the mattress will not allow you to touch the ground no matter how you lay on top of it. The smooth air cells keep you lifted through the night. You won’t wake up right on the ground, you will wake up refreshed and ready for every day of your trip!

There is no weight limit for this mattress. Although, if the mattress is holding over 350lbs, an additional couple of breaths of air for extra support may be necessary. It only takes about 15-20 breaths to blow this sleeping pad up in the first place!

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Customers have rated this sleeping pad close to five stars! It is extremely affordable and won’t bottom out while you are asleep! It is easy to inflate, and it is easy to clean up. The sleeping pad is compact and rolls up to the size of a 16-ounce water bottle.

The Sleepingo camping sleeping pad is $39.95 with free shipping. It comes with a hassle-free lifetime replacement. There is no need to ever return this product. No matter what happens, you will always have this product with no extra expenses. If you have problems with your mattress, contact Sleepingo and they will refund your money! This company has amazing reviews for great customer service and even better products!