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Weinas sleeping pad

Weinas Sleeping Pad

The Weinas sleeping pad is ultralight. It comes with a pillow and will provide you with the best night sleep every day of your camping trip. Relaxing through the night is so important for a camping trip, especially if it is over the weekend. That is something that this sleeping pad will provide for you throughout days of travel and camping.

The Weinas sleeping pad is comfortable and reliable. Comfort and reliability are the two top priorities for Weinas as a company. They consider those two features to be the most important things for a sleeping pad. This product is designed with air-support cells to limit air movement and heat loss. This mattress will keep you warm and comfortable through the entire night. It offers a cubed surface design to fit to the body’s natural curves no matter what position you sleep in. You will receive optimal comfort from this sleeping pad.

Details and Features

Most sleeping pads require you to provide y our own pillow. This inflating sleeping pad Weinas sleeping padcomes with a pillow that you can inflate as well. The pillow has a U-shaped design, in order to relieve neck stress by offering support specifically for your head and neck. The pillow inflates with only two to three breaths, only taking a couple of seconds to do. The thickness of the pillow depends on how much air you blow into it. You can always add a few more breaths if you are wanting a sturdier pillow. There is a rope on each corner of the sleeping pad. This will provide safety and stability to keep your pad from blowing or moving away.


This sleeping pad is extremely durable, yet it is still very light weight. The material that Weinas used for this product is thickened ripstop Nylon fabric with a waterproof TPU lamination layer. This fabric ensures that it will last a lifetime even through severe conditions. You don’t need to worry about the terrain that you are laying this sleeping pad on. You don’t need to worry about the weather conditions around you unless you are in an unsafe area.

This sleeping pad is lightweight, only weighing about 23 oz. It is easy to carry in your backpack and it is perfect for your tent or your hammock. It is very easy to inflate and deflate by breath. There is no pump needed, meaning there is no battery needed. All you need to do is open the top portion of the double-decked air valve to deflate in seconds. The mattress folds down to a small and compact size, making it possible to carry in your backpack or your suitcase during travel.

Price and Warranty

This inflatable sleeping pad is $37.99 with free shipping. It is perfect for hiking, hunting, traveling, and camping. You can carry this mattress with you wherever you go. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact the company and they will replace your product or refund your money, no questions asked. You have a 60-day money back guarantee!

Try the Weinas Sleeping Pad today, and find out if it is the right sleeping pad for you!